Finished the story of GTA 4 today. As everyone already knows that it is a great game, I will just mention some random annoyances I experienced while playing it:

* Doors. It’s nice that one does not have to push a button to open them, but why won’t they stay open? It’s kinda silly when the most dangerous obstacle in indoor shootings is a door.

* Scripted events. Rockstar, isn’t this supposed to be an open-world game? WTF can’t I shoot down Dimitri’s helicopter in the last mission then? Why are there invincible cars and motorcycles? Why can I only break the shop window with a brick, not with anything else or a car? It gets really disappointing when you try to find a clever way of solving a situation, but can’t because your solution does not fit the script corset the developers gave you.

* Difficulty level of the shooting passages. They are incredibly easy to do when using auto-aiming and near the end almost impossible when not using it. It would have been nice to have a middle-ground for experienced, but not amazing players.

In the end, I spent some happy 45 hours with it and will probably continue to work on some side-missions and multiplayer (I want those goddamn achievements!). The game is a masterpiece, but there’s still room for improvements in ‘GTA: Vice City Worries’.

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