Seriously Apple, WTF?

Apple finally released the miraculous 2.0 iPhone software update on Friday. And it’s great. I always wanted iTunes remote control, but the available web based solutions like RemoteBuddy just didn’t cut it. Twitterific is nice and Supper Monkey Ball is quite fun. Lots of applications are cheap or free and nevertheless perform a simple task quite well, like ShoppingList, Sudoku or VoiceRecorder.

But seriously Apple, WTF is this with the software quality of the update itself? Apps work for a while and then start crashing at launch, a reboot mysteriously fixes that. The problem is so widespread that some developers list it as their only FAQ item. And no, it has nothing to do with one specific app, everyone is affected, even Apple’s very own Remote, which completely crashed the phone once here. Some other random glitches are Maps’ LocateMe function not working until reboot and mysterious reordering of icons. The process of installing an app on the iPhone directly is tedious at best. You can continue working, but it is completely unclear what is happening then. Is the installation paused or not? In addition to that, other applications are dead slow during installation of another app.

To top it all, the synchronisation of software using iTunes is dubious at best. I have two iTunes Libraries on two different Macs. One gets used only for syncing info to it, the other one is a source for music and video, but also syncs info. I initially bought some apps on the first one, updated and synced them to the phone. Bought two apps on the phone itself, synced with the other Mac to get my media. It synced apps by default, if I would have deactivated it, it wanted to delete them all (WTF?). It was unclear if it would also delete my purchased apps or not. So I synced the apps. When syncing to the other Mac again, it removed all apps coming from the second one, including those initially bought on the iPhone itself. When syncing on the other side the next time, the apps additionally bought on the first Mac were erased, but the apps deleted by that one couldn’t be synced, because of a license error. I finally deactivated syncing apps on the second Mac, which resulted in it deleting all apps, as expected. And it also deleted all fucking settings. Very nice and no warning in that regard was issued. At one point an app downloaded on the phone (TapTap) was removed for no apparent reason during syncing. This sucks. It is unknown to me when and why apps downloaded on the phone are deleted by syncing.

The whole 2.0 software situation sucks big time, let’s see when the updates and fixes roll in. I guess it had to be done on this Friday, even when Apple lacked the proper resources to pull it off.

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