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Simple podcasting with Skype on OS X

For a while now, I am doing the podcast “Breakfast @manuspielt’s”. We are doing a show daily, so we need a workflow which does not involve any editing and as little manual work as possible.

The podcast is recorded using the excellent Skype Call Recorder by Ecamm. This software acts as an add-on to Skype, offering some new preferences and a new window called “Call recorder”, which controls the recording. The output of this is a .mov file with two audio tracks, one for both partners in the conversation. It also comes with some GUI tools to convert this into various other formats.

However, using a GUI for such a simple task everyday gets old, not to mention that there is some other stuff involved until the podcast can reach the listeners. That is why I have created nachocast, a shell-script which utilizes some command-line tools to do the heavy lifting. It converts the podcast to MP3, adds a cover-image, applies some audio filters and uploads the result via FTP.

In case you want to convert those files, too, try these commands for doing so:

$ ffmpeg -i -map 0:0 track1.wav
$ ffmpeg -i -map 0:1 track2.wav
$ sox -m track1.wav track2.wav foo.wav
$ ffmpeg -i foo.wav foo.mp3

We are using WordPress and PodPress for the actual site itself. The hosting is done at DreamHost, which works quite okay for a reasonable price.

You now should have all the information to get you started with your own podcast easily. Just do it, it is fun!


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